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Our Mission.


The only thing that stops anyone from traveling to the places they want is money.

When vacations become more affordable, people find fewer excuses to go to the places they've always talked and dreamed about visiting.

Our members pay us the same whether they take one vacation or one-hundred vacations per year. This way they can travel at  the true travel cost every-time.

Our Goal.


Corporate Travel Concierge is dedicated to sharing public information about the true cost of vacations and allowing travelers from all classes to experience the vacations they didn't know they could afford. 

Travel is one of the top ten most marked up items in the United States every single year.

Our goal is to avoid the markup. Our members travel at cost.

Our Legacy.


Statistics show that two out of every five travelers above the age of 30 that travel with a member, choose to buy their own membership for their family within 3 years. 

Teachers, Nurses, and Police are our biggest member-base for the sole fact that word of mouth is the most advantageous marketing technique. When one of them starts to travel at peak season to 'bucket-list' destinations on the same salary, they all ask "How?"

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