Corporate Travel Concierge

For those whom consider traveling a priority, don't ever vacation without us again. 

Service. Savings. CTC.

Thank you for inspiring us to challenge everything we knew about affordable luxury vacations. You deserve this!  

Our Mission.


The only 2 things that stop anyone from traveling to the places they want to visit are time & money.

Fortunate enough, most members find a direct correlation between the two.

The less vacations cost, the more likely they are to find the time.

When vacations become more affordable, and we mean, extraordinarily affordable, people find fewer excuses to go to the places they've always talked and dreamed about visiting. In other words, when we solved the money issue, the time issue sorted itself out.

Our mission is to allow all of our members to travel at the true travel cost where they want, when they want, with whom they want. Thus significantly alleviating the "money issue." 

With no commissions, no overrides, and no markups on every facet of the travel experience, we can guarantee the lowest possible prices for our members, essentially saving them thousands versus public pricing found with travel websites, travel agents or direct vendors.

 No restrictions. No blackout dates.

For business, pleasure, or both.

Airfare. Car Rentals. RV Rentals. Hotels. All-Inclusive Resorts. Timeshare Resorts. 

Ocean Cruises. River Cruises.

Private Homes. Long-term stays. Etc.

How does CTC make money?


If you've read our mission you're probably asking yourself, 'well then how does CTC make money and stay in business?'

Great question.

We took Sam Walton's philosophy to the Nth degree. Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, once questioned, "what if I earned a small profit from each individual walking through my doors into the store, rather than a small percentage of every item that customer bought before leaving the store." This would guarantee better prices of any competitor. This would increase profitability due to already small margins and theft. This would realistically change the "retail-world" forever!

And so, 21 years after Walmart,

 Sam's Club was incorporated.

As of 2018, Sam's club boasts more than 47 million members paying an average of $45 per membership. That's $2.1 Billion of residual annual income whether a member buys everything, anything, or nothing from the store each year.

So how does that relate to CTC?

Whether our members take 100 trips, 10 trips, or 0 trips each year, our annual dues remain the same. As of October 2019 we currently boast over 250,000 Members.

Our annual renewal is $250.

We didn't "re-invent the wheel" we simply changed the product. 

We're not in the travel business. We're in the renewal business. Our members are our priority. Inspiring our members is our goal. Inspired members renew their licenses.

Our Goal.


Our goal at Corporate Travel Concierge is to afford all walks of life the ability to travel and experience quality vacationing firsthand no matter their age or individual circumstance.

From young members starting a family to empty-nesters starting retirement we've found that if you desire to vacation, its often the financial ability that delays you.

Too often have we met elderly couples on fixed incomes, young couples just starting out, single individuals going solo or with travel companions, and new couples of all ages searching for a way to travel affordably without a burdensome commitment like a timeshare or vacation home. Because of our members, our goal has actually come to fruition, solving all our members and potential members' problems.

Our membership is affordable with different tiers available and options to upgrade later. 

We offer guaranteed financing options for everyone. 

Their is no commitment so members can cancel at any time. 

 Our annual dues are encouraged but not required to be paid every year.

The membership allows for families and friends without extra cost.

We take responsibility for our members entire experience and vacation memory.