Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Corporate Travel Concierge?


Even in the age of competitive online booking, your CTC travel agents are a great source of information and  incredible discounts. Your concierge can make sure that your trip is tailored to you, assist you in case of unexpected problems, and help you anticipate potential issues in advance.

Will I pay more if I book through CTC?


Never! Our membership is transparent. Rather than charge each vacationer a commission, override, surcharge, marketing fee, and unnecessary booking fees, CTC charges its members the true travel cost of the vacation. What we pay, you pay.

That's the benefit of being a member. 

*That said, internet sites are "free" to use, whereas our members pay an annual due every year they'd like to vacation with us. We make the same whether you travel 1 trip per year or 100 trips per year.

Do you book group travel?


Yes! Not only do we book hand-tailored group trips for family reunions, seniors, church groups, clubs, social groups and more. We can also book the same tours, group trips, and guides that non-members are familiar with such as Trafalgar, Elderhostel, Globus, Tauk, Collett, etc.

Anything that your doing now, your membership can do for less with a concierge at your service.

The sky is the limit.

Same vacations.

Less money.


Afford where you want to go. Let us book it. Now GO!